Uffes Mat & Café

Uffes Mat & Café

The restaurant is placed comfortably in natural surroundings in the town of Purmo, an area of Pedersöre. It's settled between the highway and the swift Purmo River winding around Stinas Islets. This beautiful place can be visited in both summer and winter, and is gorgeous year-round.
We would like to invite you to our flavorful and creative table, where international and local dishes are made with both care and a heartfelt love of food.

On Sundays we offer a buffet fwith exciting salads, delicious entrées, not to mention coffee and dessert.

The restaurant seats around 80-100 people, in the summer there is the terrace, with a view of the river and the stately mill on Stinas Islets.

  • Uffes Mat & Café
  • Uffes Mat & Café
  • Uffes Mat & Café


Purmovägen 471
68930 Purmo (Pedersöre)




+358 6 727 2255 / +358 50 534 7325