Lasses Stugor

Lasses Stugor

TORPET | The cabin was built in the 2000s, and has a timeless style. It is constructed of notched log walls, on the waterfront, and offers a westward sea view. This well-equipped cabin can be used year-round. A fire in the open fireplace creates a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. The sea is only 50 meters away from the cabin.

LOFTET | This is a cozy hideaway from 1972, right on the seashore. A gas stove to prepare food over adds a bit of extra spice to everyday life. There is also an open fireplace to add a bit of comfort factor and warmth.

Volleyball court, fishing rod, and fishing net available. The nearest public sand beach is 2 kilometers away. The beautiful courtyard receives sun all day long. There is a fireplace on site for outdoor grilling.

Sea-buckthorn is also grown on the property. Possibility to boat trip - Rent a boat with a skipper!




Skabbkärsvägen 142
Västerbyvägen 35
68560 Eugmo (Larsmo/Luoto)



+358 50 518 2578